ACDA Written Word Project

In October 2020, the ACDA created a written word project for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Projects in prior years have included collages of our babies, a photo project of bereaved parents, memorial wall, luminaries and calligraphy.

This year we are focusing on grief over time. The purpose of this written word project was to paint a picture of grief at different moments in time as experienced by our ACDA parents, whether it be the profound sadness of the first anniversary of loss or grappling with decades old fears in anticipation of the birth of a first grandchild. While compiling this project, we began to notice a common theme and words that were applied universally by our parents regardless of when their loss had occurred. Words like Always. Love. Child. Will. Time. Never. You can see these prominent words reflected in the word cloud generated from a compilation of the individual quotes above.

We encourage you to take a moment to read through the quotes and reflect on the lives of these precious children and the heartbreaking loss endured by their respective families, friends and loved ones.

Please go HERE to learn how to participate in the ACDA Wave of Light on October 15, 2020. #WaveofLight #ACDAWaveofLight